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Teacher Assisting a Student


Welcome to Ventures Academy! 


We are happy you are here. Ventures Academy is:


  • An independent (private) high school for the gifted in Bellevue, WA.

  • Focused on building tech, media, and business skills.

  • The home for student-built and run startups. 

  • Providing students with personal tutelage from Fortune 500 leaders.

  • Teaches coding, AI/ML, data science, marketing, law, finance, management, and leadership. 

  • Providing twice the school hours of a public school.

  • Practicing mastery-based education with personalized learning paths.

  • Mentoring each of our students with one-on-one daily sessions.

  • Currently enrolling grades 8-11 for the Jan 2022 opening.

Intrigued? Read on...

We founded Ventures Academy with one purpose - to enable gifted young people to realize their full potential through the power of technology, media, and business by giving them the skills, experiences, and opportunities to innovate, create products, and build businesses.


​Our students found and run their own startups, create innovative products and services, serve real customers, raise funds, and even pay taxes. They do it all under the close mentorship of world-class tech and media leaders.


Our students don’t just take business classes, they run real businesses!


Through a unique approach and a truly passionate staff, we help our students develop to their highest level. ​Ventures students attain mastery in all academic classes, following individualized learning paths and enjoying daily personal mentorship sessions. Ventures is simply a haven for creative and gifted students.


We invite you to explore our site and discover the opportunities that Ventures Academy provides to each and every student. Get in touch with us today to schedule a meeting, learn more about enrollment, or ask questions.

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