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Ventures: Activities
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Your Own Ventures

Our students found and run real startups. Not as a game, not as a simulation, and not for a class. 

Our students' ventures are real businesses that they own and manage for the duration of their studies and beyond.

We help them to envision and build products, market and sell them, serve their customers, and yes, - also file taxes. We guide them through raising VC funds and they can even have a real-life exit!


Expanded Curriculum

Beyond the state-approved high school program, our students learn the key skills that will make them successful in the modern economy.

Computer science, product management, data science and AI, marketing, finance, law, management, and leadership are the essential skills needed for becoming tech and media leaders.

Our students learn these skills from seasoned business, media, and technology leaders


Personal Mentorship

Ventures academy partnered with a range of tech, media, and business leaders to provide our students with direct mentorship.

Our business mentors are experts in their field. Many are executives in large fortune 500 companies or have built their own successful business.

Our students get the rare privilege to learn from the best, have their ventures regularly reviewed by experts, and establish a powerful network that will serve them for life.

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