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Boarding Life

Are you interested in living on campus? Or are you from outside of the Bellevue, WA area? Ventures Academy offers several boarding programs including 7-day boarding, 5-day boarding, and other options.

If you are interested in living on campus while you build your Venture, please contact us with questions. Please email or book a time to talk with the Head of School

Students are supported by dedicated live-in adult residential mentors and an experienced student life leadership team who take tend to the academic life, recreation, social life, health, wellness, and other "outside of school" issues. 


7-Day Boarding

7-day boarding is a traditional boarding program where students live in the student residence (dorm) full-time so they can focus on school, their business, and living in community with other young entrepreneurs.

Boarding students will participate in supplemental educational, cultural, athletic, and community events organized and lead by the residential mentors.

College Dorm

5-Day Boarding

If you do not need 7-day boarding, students and families can elect to attend as 5-day boarding students.


Students receive the same support and attention from the dedicated residential and student life team but leave campus for the weekends. This is ideal for students who live in Washington and want to attend Ventures Academy but may be too far away for a daily commute.  

Image by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu

Special Boarding

Every family and student has their own situation. With approval from the student life leadership and the Head of School, students may stay in the student residence on a case-by-case basis. 

While staying with us in the student residence, the residential mentors and student life leadership team will take excellent care of the students and integrate them into all the additional programming and activities. 

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