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Gap Year and Post Graduate Programs

Ventures Academy has a robust program for young people who recently graduated from high school but want to spend some time developing skills, sharpening academic skills, and build a business before they move on to college or the work world.  

Gap Year students at Ventures Academy take college-level academic courses to sharpen their academic skills and to maintain (or improve) their GPA and other credentials for college and university application. 


Did you not do so well in 11th grade English or science and need to "fix it"?  We can help! In the Ventures Academy mastery and mentorship model, you will get the support you need to improve your grades! 

Maybe you did great in high school and want to try something different?  Maybe you want to focus 100% on creating a startup business?  We can help with it all.  

Day and boarding options are available, as well as partial years and financial aid.


Contact us at or book a time to talk with the Head of School

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