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In the world of tech, media, and business, the value of experience is immense. Almost all knowledge and expertise are acquired through real-life practice, and new ideas are constantly tested and validated through live fire-testing with actual customers and markets.

The impact and residuals of real-life experiences are vastly greater than those of any theory learned in class. Moreover, experienced professionals are always highly valued. Thus, Ventures Academy focuses on experiential learning and building expertise through the accumulation of real-world experiences. The field of education is already widely recognizing the value of Project-Based Learning (PBL), but at Ventures we are taking this approach to the next level.

Ventures’ students will spend much of their time imagining and designing products, marketing them, serving customers, collecting money, and running real-life businesses. Throughout this process, they acquire highly demanded technical skills such as programming, data science, and product management as well as business skills in areas including marketing, sales, finance, law, and management.

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