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In the tech and business world, most professionals find experienced mentors to help them develop and make decisions. Ventures fully adopts this model, making mentors the primary support pillar for students in our school. Mentors’ sole responsibility is to help and guide each student.

Unlike traditional schools, there are no adversarial relationships between students and mentors. Mentors cannot punish students for not completing tasks or lower their grades for failure to meet expectations. Instead, the mentor’s job is to help the student to fully master the material and learn from the best on how to design products and run businesses.

By eliminating the typically adversarial relationships between students and faculty, we create a nurturing environment where students can do their best work feeling safe and free from stress and anxiety.

Students enjoy daily personal mentorship meetings with their mentors where they can discuss academic subjects and track their progress towards mastery. Unlike traditional schools where each teacher engages hundreds of students, Ventures’ mentors—who are all certified teachers as well—work with 20 students or less. This means that mentors get to know each one of their students, their talents and interests, and can pave a learning path that is individually optimized for each young person under their care.

Beyond traditional academic subjects, our students enjoy frequent professional business, tech, and media mentorship from tech and media leaders. These leaders help students work through the technology, business models, and leadership challenges they face. Working with individual students and small groups, these leaders provide our students with unprecedented access to a wealth of knowledge and experience. Moreover, the close engagement between these leaders and our students enables them to build a professional network that can open doors and provide future opportunities that regular high school students do not have.

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