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Starting a School – Resources

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

By Dr. Matthew Colpitts, Head of School & President, Ventures Academy

Although there are many resources with advice on starting projects, business, etc., when I started working on Ventures Academy, I found pieces of what I needed but little that was related to what we were working on. There are some straight-forward resources on starting a school, the ones I found that ended up being valuable are:

NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools)

Web Resources

TED Talks

You can also learn from other people including Heads of School, Nonprofit Founders, Business and Startup Founders, etc. Learn from what has been done before. Find schools of all types (charter, private, etc.) and related organizations. Do not be afraid to reach out! Include organizations and schools that are unlike yours. For example, I have learned lessons from K-6 schools and even a bakery franchise!

Read the classics in your area! Read the essentials. Also, read the critics (but not too much). Especially read the leading and serious ones. Alife Cohn is always good for some alternative views to education. But at some point, stop when they get loony.

Don’t forget to do the work!

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