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Twice the school hours?!?

Updated: May 21, 2021

Adopting the tech industry model also means adopting the business calendar.

Ventures Academy is operating 12 months a year, from 8am to 5pm daily, and is closed only for federal holidays.

The math is simple: Ventures provides over 2,000 hours of high school education per year and is standing in stark contrast to the 1,000 hours provided by all other schools working the traditional system.

Ventures’ extended calendar allows our students to pursue both the state-mandated credits as well as their tech & media ventures without any compromises. All these extra hours are the key to the mastery learning system where our students enjoy unlimited time to master the material and to earn that perfect grade.

What about vacations?

Students can take time off to go on vacations with their families at the time of their choosing, just like every employee in any tech company.

In Ventures, there is no risk of “missing material” when on vacation while the rest of the class is progressing. With our personalized learning paths, each student is following their own set of credits, at their own pace, focusing on their own interests. The personal mentorship meetings each of the students enjoys daily ensures that a professional educator is closely tracking their academic progress and proficiency and is constantly providing personalized guidance.

2,000 hours sounds like a lot. Isn’t it too much for kids?

You must be imagining the hours of the traditional school. But Ventures is very different.

In Ventures Academy the students are not passing the time chasing a grade. Instead, they are pursuing their dreams and passions.

Our students are building products that they invented themselves. They are running their own businesses. They imagine, they innovate and they create.

What could be more fun than that?

“A person whose job is their hobby never labors a day in their life”

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