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Upon graduation…

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Ventures Academy students have exciting and unique options for their next phase in their lives. Opportunities that are far superior to any of that of a traditional high school alum or even a college graduate.

Attending a Great College

Venture graduates are ideally positioned to get into a top school.

Just think of their college application:

With the mastery learning system each of our students will likely be able to show a perfect 4.0 transcript. Further, out students' transcripts include not only the standard state-mandated credits but also a set of additional unique and desired credits that include computer science, product management, data science, AI, marketing, finance, law, leadership, and management.

And then – just imagine the essays our students can write…

They will tell a personal story of building their own business. The challenges they encountered and the life lessons they learned. They could tell how they worked hand-in-hand with tech, media and business leaders and the insights they gained from the experience.

Their application will communicate a person of confidence, experience, with an innovative mind and the ability to excel and deliver results.

Our students are the full-meal-deal. They will send colleges the perfect application and they will have an unmatched advantage in the race for the most coveted spots.

Continuing to Run the Startup

Our students are building and owning real businesses while in Ventures and their journey doesn’t have to end upon graduation. Some of the students may choose to postpone their college studies to continue and develop further their own startups.

While in school, we will work with the students to secure investments from angels and VCs. Once graduating, the student could start drawing salary, hire more employees, and grow the business further.

Maybe their venture will become the next great Unicorn!

Direct line to a Tech Giant

The experience and skills the students gain at Ventures are superior to any college. They graduate as seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs with four years of real-world experience.

Moreover, they are deeply networked with their tech, media, and business mentors in Ventures. Those mentors can open doors and give them opportunities that no college student can enjoy.

With the experience they gained and with the recommendations of their mentors, many tech giants will be happy to hire out students directly out Ventures.

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